BBYO Kallah East: Fantastic Screening & Group Sessions

BBYO Kallah East: Fantastic Screening & Group Sessions

Wow! If anyone was wondering whether OUT OF FAITH would resonate with high schoolers, after Tuesday’s screening at BBYO’s Kallah East

I can comfortably conclude the answer to that question is a resounding “yes.” Our screening on Tish B’Av went great! Not only did we manage to have a successful screening to a crowd that in large part had not eaten for well over 20 hours, but we also followed the screening up the next day with an insightful session dedicated to the themes of the film. (I will post some feedback results later.)

Don’t let anyone tell you that our children are not thinking about Jewish continuity—they are. And although we who care about a future for the Jewish people still have much work to do, our young people are tuned in; they will dialogue with us. We at JAFAH and Eliezer Films are willing to do our part to engage them. Are you?

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